Founded in 1996, WeldMS equipment and software has been monitoring welding machines for nearly two decades. We continuously innovate, taking advantage of the latest in welding science, testing, mathematics and information technologies to improve our inline weld monitoring systems. Our continual quest is to reach high predictability assessment of the quality of the weld solely through the real time analysis of the welding data. WeldMS is a private company based in  Canada.


Significant Milestones

2010 - Present – Formed strategic research and development alliance with key Canadian universities to assist us in realizing our vision to reach a 95% predictability rate in identifying good and bad welds through the real time analysis of welding data.

June 2010 – WeldMS sells its 100th weld monitoring system.

March 2009 – WeldMS announces a new working relationship with AI Welders, a manufacturer of flash-butt welding machines and design consulting firm for companies looking to upgrade their welding machines or design new plants. WeldMS to provide weld monitoring and analysis systems to AI Welders’ customers.

June 2004 – WeldMS sells the Weld Monitoring system to flash-butt welding machine manufacturer, Holland. Under the agreement, each Holland rail welding machines supplied to its international customers will be fitted with the WeldMS monitoring system.


1996-1999 In the late 1990’s WeldMS founders worked with E.O Paton to provide a computerized control and data acquisition system for their flash butt welder. Over the years, working in conjunction with senior engineers at E.O. Paton, WeldMS developed the first weld monitoring system to run on the DOS platform. It also provided the PLC programming from design to implementation for their weld control process that formed the basis on all their future welding machines.