Monitoring Solutions for Resistance Welders

Manufacturers using resistance welding are under mounting pressure to provide evidence of weld quality. Periodic destructive tests provide hard evidence of weld quality, but productivity and efficiency demand a continuous means of verifying weld quality. WeldMS monitoring solutions fill that demand.

WeldMS systems retrofit any resistance welder that uses the following processes:

  • Flash butt
  • Spot
  • Seam
  • Projection

WeldMS systems measure key welding variables in real-time as a machine welds. At the end of each weld cycle, WeldMS analyzes all the variables. If one or more of the measurements shifts outside established parameters, it is flagged and alerts the machine operator, who can then take immediate corrective action. WeldMS monitoring systems provide a continuous, non-destructive means to ensure each weld remains within set parameters leading to consistent quality welds.

WeldMS Universal

WeldMS Universal provides a basic, generic analysis for welding machines that share the same process. Each welding process has a general set of key criteria that must be met to ensure the process remains consistent.

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WeldMS Custom

WeldMS Custom provides weld analysis tailored uniquely for a specific welding machine, including its process and the materials it welds. WeldMS performs an extensive study of the welder’s process and welding data through our analytical service. This study informs how we define the optimum analysis. Once defined, we program the analysis engine into the real-time monitoring system. Customization leads to a higher predictability rate in assessing the weld quality taking into consideration a welding machine’s specific welding process and properties.

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Analytical Service

Our analytical service consists of a detailed review of the following:

  • The welding process
  • The properties of each alloy to be welded
  • Weld schedules
  • Destructive and non-destructive test results
  • Key welding variables and parameters
  • Microstructure analysis of the welded samples

The aim is to identify the optimum mix of parameters to distinguish good welds from bad welds. Customers receive the study results in a detailed report. For manufacturers using WeldMS monitoring system, we integrate the results directly into the monitoring software’s analysis engine.

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